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The Healing Hearts Project
13" di x 13" di - fabric, pins, thread

Sometimes I feel I must step out of the comfort zone, out of the walls of my studio where I have some measure of control, and invite other participants to become involved with my work.   

These installations carry with them the unique imprint of the individual, and achieve a richness that could not be created by the vision or imagination of any one artist.  

The activity of making collaborative work creates a space for the sharing of ideas and feelings, while resulting in the development of community spirit.

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The Healing Hearts Project, an installation to honor those who died on 9/11 and to express our mutual hope for the future.

I am an artist who lives in Connecticut but also less than ten blocks from the World Trade Center tragedy. I felt the need to respond visually to so much devastation. I invited thousands of people to help create a collaborative piece, which has been part of our own healing process, and make the statement that we as Americans stand united.

The Healing Hearts Project
Collaboration Project - 2002 - '04
Two circles, 13' diameter each
fabric, pins, thread

    Stamford Government Center


Cove Island, Stamford, CT, September '02
Washington Square Park, NYC, September '02
Supreme Court Building, NYC, September '02
Battery Park City, September '02

Locations in CT and NYC September '04


September 2011

I write today to those of you who contributed in so many ways to The Healing Heart Project. Many of you made hearts for the installation, gave your support through inviting others to join, and in so many other incredible ways (see video at www.juneahrens.com). I will be forever grateful for your generosity in helping to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11 as well as their families.

I kept two of your hearts with the thought of having them buried at Ground Zero. A description of the project and each of your names was also included. They were placed in a special heart box provided by my friend David Chiapetta and that box now resides in the foundation of one of the buildings at Ground Zero. It was accomplished this week thanks to the help of some wonderful if unnamed supporters. It is more than fitting that this was achieved just before 9/11’s tenth anniversary and as one person said, “they’ll be there undisturbed forever”.

This marks the last and final chapter, but is by no means meant to let us forget what the hearts and 9/11 meant. Our journey has been to honor those who lost their lives, perhaps to help heal, and give hope to the future. Thank you once again for your participation and support.

In Love and Hope,


The Wishbone Project
Collaboration project - 1999
12' x 16' x 16'  - modeling compound

The Wishbone Project is a collaborative project involving a cross section of society, which includes men, women and children (some at risk), senior citizens from diverse cultural backgrounds and internationally based participants.

This process explored the ways in which wishes reflect our desires and hopes. Wishes also arouse feelings of loss, fragility and impermanence yet can generate healing.


Bedtime Stories, a collaborative work created as an interactive piece. My partner, Rochelle Rauchberg a photographer, worked with me on this project at the Norwalk Emergency Shelter over an 18 month period of time.

As women and mothers, we sought a common ground with the homeless mothers and wanted to make the homeless problem personal and human; and to create an emotional connection between the gallery viewer and the homeless.

Bedtime Stories
June Ahrens & Rochelle Rauchberg - 1997
22' x 53', Multimedia Installation
2-D framed 40" x 48"


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