Artist’s Statement


Over the years my art has explored the issues of fragility, vulnerability, danger, and healing. These themes continue to surface, especially today and I respond to them as best I can – through a visual language that takes many forms and shapes, often unexpected and surprising. I have learned to let the work lead me and to embrace the openness of what lies ahead. It goes beyond what we know and asks “what if?”

I create sculptures and site-dependent installations and digital work that incorporate everyday materials such as cement board, repurposed glass, powdered chalk, filters and mirrors. I isolate these materials to refocus the viewers’ attention toward exploring and examining their own thoughts and feelings. The work continues to mine the materials of mass culture, creating an alternative world and an environment that transcends boundaries. I want to create a map of awareness, bringing the past into the present.

“A cry, almost a song, to mourn what has been lost while its memory refuses to depart, and a cry to celebrate what has been left, however little, to infuse it with residues of old knowledge.” – Ishmael Beah, from Radiance of Tomorrow: A Novel