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Prelude 1 Prelude 2 Prelude 3   The City… The NY City
Prelude 4 Prelude 5 Prelude 6   Still Life with Wire

I have created a limited edition of photographic images growing out of my installations. Many of the installations are ephemeral, and photography gives me an opportunity to document them in another place, time and form.

I am interested in close-up views that capture the details and nuances of the materials used. The everyday materials – a variety of salts and reclaimed broken jars – elevate them to another level not usually associated with such modest materials. The photographs isolate and mark their unique differences, providing us with another way of seeing and experiencing them.

I like to think that these works are views of new imaginary worlds we could travel through at our leisure. Worlds where new beginnings can occur, and anything is possible.

Photographs are 13″ x 19″ | Digital
Produced in an edition of 5